Welcome to Wee Whimsy Wonder

Welcome to the inaugural post for Wee Whimsy Wonder!

I guess I better start by tell you a bit about myself. My name is Grace, accountant by trade, crafter at heart. I’m a maker of cards, sewer of clothes and a collector of craft making paraphernalia. From screen printing inks to concealed zips, clear stamps to drill bits, you’ll probably find it somewhere in my house. I don’t profess to know how to use all these things I’ve collected, but certainly hope to one day. Yes, I’m looking straight at you knitting needles and balls of yarn!

For the last few years (yes, years!), I’ve hemmed and hawed about setting up a blog. After all, there are so many talented people out there with vision, drive and fantastic photography skills already blogging about what I love to do. That being said, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If everyone was like me of the past, there would be no posts out there about anything! So this weekend, I thought I’d take the plunge.

I love craft. It tickles my eye candy fancy, satisfies my inner how to do it geek, indulges my finding, buying and hording magpie tendencies and finally, it provides a creative outlet to all my crazy ideas. So, rather than limiting myself to being a receiver in this whole wonderful process, I really want to be a part of it.

I’ve tried my hand in all sorts of crafty tangents and certainly expect to go on many more. However, since I know I’ll always still come back to card making and sewing, expect to see quite a bit of that here. I like to think that this blog will be a carefully curated log of projects and background stories – a bit like scrapbooking on a not-so-secret scale. How it will turn out in reality remains to be seen. I hope it will make me spend more time on the things I love like craft and writing. If I can inspire someone else along the way, that would be an awesome bonus.

So, thank you for joining me as I embark on this rather new world of writing coherent non-work related sentences, taking photos of things other than the beach, the dog and the hubby, and sharing little pieces of me. So to that end, I leave you with a photo of my family contemplating just how good life is.

IMG_2012 copy