Putting Pen to Paper: The A5 Organiser – Making It Pretty Inside

So my last post covered just how underwhelming the Kikki A5 organiser in its original format was. A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks, and between work and personal matters, crafting has not been a top priority. However, this weekend, the sun came out, my footy team won (go Dockers!), and I was in an all round better frame of mind to do something creative. So today, I’m going to bring you the bare bones of what I’ve done so far, and talk you through how I did it.

To get started, I gathered the following materials and tools:

  • Double sided scrapbooking paper
  • Laminating sheets (B5 size or larger)
  • Laminator
  • Paper trimmer
  • 6-Hole punch
  • 1-Hole punch
  • Corner rounder

New Inner Front

So here is a brief look at the new inside. To start, I took some double sided scrapbooking paper and cut them down to 16cm x 21.5cm as section dividers. I then cut additional strips at 22cm high, and 4cm, 5.5cm, 7cm, 8.5cm and 10cm wide for my flagging tabs. I laminated them all and cut off the excess laminated plastic on the edges before rounding them with a corner rounder. Word to the unwary – make sure the corner rounder is sharp. I ruined a sheet by using an old corner rounder (that has been chomping through magnetic sheets) which ended up making a partially squished partially torn dent rather than a clean cut.

The Open PU-462 6-hole punch I bought doesn’t come with a ruler attachment to line up paper edges and the visual OCD in me cringed at the thought of unevenly placed dividers. To get around this, I folded a piece of 16cm scrap down the middle of the long edge to mark its center. I placed each of the section dividers and flagging tabs behind the scrap sheet, aligning the bottom edge. As the scrap sheet had a clear center fold, it was easy to line up with the center marker on the punch. It worked so well that I laminated another 4cm x 21.5cm piece with a drawn center fold to use as my template for all future punching.


For the flagging tabs, I took a sharp pair of scissors and snipped off a little triangle from edge of paper to tip of hole. This allows me to pull out and reposition tabs without having to open the rings, yet not have to worry about them falling out.  I made the mistake of using textured paper for everything, which means that the laminating bond wasn’t very strong. Therefore, once I finished cutting and punching, I ran each piece through the laminator again to make sure the edges were properly bonded.

For the photo sleeves, I used Heidi Swapp binder refills which come with 2 holes. Originally, I tried using the 6-hole punch but ruined a couple of pieces before realising that the punch doesn’t give enough even pressure to cut all the holes at once. So using the 16cm scrap, I aligned the 2 existing holes and punched the other 4 holes singly using a Carl single hole punch. Lastly, I took a leftover laminated piece and trimmed it to 1.5cm x 17cm piece to give the font a more finished look. As a side note, I was really hoping the Becky Higgins Project Life 6in x 8in photo sleeves would fit and I could do a monthly spread in the organiser. However, they are slightly (all of 1 cm!) too wide and will bend when the organiser is closed.

Inner Back Pockets

For the back, I knew that I will need some storage space for holding stickers to prettify pages. So I took a couple of Becky Higgins Project Life 6in x 8in envelope and trimmed off the edge that had the original 2 holes. I did this slightly to the left of the second sealed edge so that this smaller envelope would still have a sealed spine. I then punched the 6 holes in the envelope itself, again with the Carl single hole punch.

So far so good, the organiser is starting to look quite pretty (to me). There is a little bit of makers remorse – I don’t think I’ve got the flagging tab widths quite right for practicality’s sake – the 8.5cm and 10cm wide ones are pretty cumbersome. I’m currently thinking up interior pages that will replace those original Kikki ones. So once I finish them up, I’ll play around with the flagging tabs again. I’ll share that with you all as soon as I’m done.