PTI SAF 2016: Take 2

Whoo Hoo! I managed to get another card in at lunch time. Its so awesome working so close to home.

Actually, I did try colour blocking last night  and it is so not me. I know I should post the results on the off chance someone might like them and I get lucky to be picked to win a gift voucher, but that card was such an eyesore. I can now say that Andy Warhol and I are not the best of art buddies.

The techhnique that ticked my art box was the impressionistic flowers. I adore the soft look, the white outlines etc. Its funny but I used normal card for the flowers that I painted, and watercolour card for the base that I only stamped. But the texture of the base lends it an arty feel. 

The set I used was Pretty Peonies and colours were Raspberry, Hibiscus Burst and Pure Poppy. I used clear embossing powder instead of white as my first 2 attempts with white just looked messy, not impressionistic. Did anyone else have that issue?


Okay, so this was my lunchtime craft fix… maybe I might have time to squeeze in one more card tonight… Fingers crossed!


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