PTI Create Along With Us August 2016

Today’s card is based on Betsy Veldman’s make for the PTI August release that you’ll see HERE. I needed to make a card for the neighbour. Super short version – she has a rooster. Slightly longer version – for the last 2 weeks, that reprehensible cassanova has decided that 4.30 am is the perfect time to break out his salute to the sun yoga move in front of his lady friends. Unfortunately, the neighbour is hard of hearing and hasn’t been hearing my door knocks (or the rooster really). So I thought I’d make her a card for her to read.


As I wanted something pretty happy sparkly, I used my Brilliance Inks with the The Sweet Life stamp set. The leaves were stamped with Lime and Gamma Green. To get the 3 different depths of leaf veins with one shade of green, I stamped my inks in different orders. The first set of leaves was gamma green veins with 2 layers of lime green background on top. The second is the lime green background, the gamma green veins and then the lime green background again. This gives slightly darker veins. Then the final one was with 2 layers of lime green followed by the gamma green veins, giving the darkest veins.

The rose was made of Pearlescent Orchid base, Rocket Red Gold second layer, and the Pearlescent Poppy on top. The hello was Pearlescent Orchid and Purple inks squidged on to white cardstock for an ombre effect then cut out with the hello die from the Wet Paint set. Heres a close up of the glimmer on the inks.


I used stitched square dies to cut the solid background square and then a paper guillotine to trim a polariod style frame with a larger stitched  square frame.

The sequins are ones that I’m testing to carry in a shop I hope to open later in the year. I’m totally in love with these sparklies. Sadly, I mistiok my Ranger crackle accent for the glossy one so there I have broken dew drops!

Anyway, off to write a suitably framed message to keep the rooster from showing off till 7 in the morning. Wish me luck (and tact).


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