MIM #271: 2016 a la carte

Hi everyone, its been a long time between posts. Not much creating has been happening here so I wanted to break the craft drought by entering PTI’s last MIM of the year.

I chose to create a matchbook from MIM #237. I had a blast making it. A friend of mine is taking an overseas holiday shortly – her first overseas trip ever. She is an amazingly organised person who probably won’t forget anything but I figured a little precaution never hurt and decided to gift her a little emergency sewing kit.

So here is the outside of my matchbox, using the half and half die set and blue skies stamps. How perfectly does that cloud match the flap?! The inks used were PTI’s Orange Zest, Spring Rain and Blueberry Sky, as well as Tuskineko’s Mometo Rich Cocoa. 

The message and icon inside of the flap was using Clip Tips and Faux Ribbon. I wish I had a travel messages set. Anyway, all in all, this turned out well so I am pleased.

Till next time, happy weekend!


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